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Kung Pao Chicken - Beef
Chicken or Beef cooked in worseterchire sauce with Veges and Cashew Nuts. Served with boiled/steamed/ fried rice. Price is per Kg and 1 kg serves 4 persons. Serving includes 500gm gravy and 500gm rice.
Meal Type : Halal
Meal Size : Large
Location : Tasmania
Name of Chef : Abqra Mobeen
Food Served :
Price : $ 35.00

Mushroom Masala Gravy
Mushroom Masala gravy goes well with Rice and Roti. Ingredients - Mushroom, Onions, Tomato, South indian Garam masala spices, etc.
Meal Type : Vegetarian
Meal Size : Medium
Location : New South Wales
Name of Chef : Manasa
Food Served : Delivery
Price : $ 5.00